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As of November 2019, there are no homes for sale at Frogsong.

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As of November 2019, there are no homes for rent at Frogsong.

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As of November 2019, there are no shared home opportunities at Frogsong.

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As of November 2019, there is one short-term housing opportunity at Frogsong.

4- to 8-week rental at Frogsong, Cotati, CA

Exploring Co-housing? Our place is available to rent February 2, 2020 for 4-8 weeks. We're asking $2500/month, open to your offer. This sunny high-ceiling second floor space has 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, living room, open kitchen/dining room and a big loft space. It's fully furnished, including upright piano. Our level 2 charging-stations welcome electric vehicles!
Photos: FrogSong#25

FrogSong Co-housing is an intentional community of 30 households located in Cotati, California, a small town roughly one hour north of San Francisco.

Though we have private lives, people at FrogSong have chosen to reside together in a tightly knit neighborhood. We share 12-16 meals per month in our common house, which also provides laundry facilities and meeting space. We work together to maintain our lush landscape. We govern ourselves by consensus and resolve our conflicts through dialogue.

Each household occupies a private on-site residence with its own kitchen. The residences are mostly owner-occupied.
We're located at the entrance to lovely downtown Cotati.  Step downstairs for pizza, walk a block for dinner or a beer.

Peggy Wonder

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