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Four households came together in the Fall of 1998 intending of building a cohousing community on the FrogSong site, which they discovered through a land broker. Two of the founders were Sonoma State faculty. Some of founders had been involved in earlier attempts to create cohousing in Santa Rosa and Windsor.

The founders put up money to form a limited liability company (SoCoHo) and got an option to buy the land, which at the time was mostly open field, though it had a single-family rental on it. They attracted other prospective residents and partnered with a developer (Wonderland Hill) and an architectural firm (The Cohousing Company).


July 12th: SoCoHo was incorporated.

December: First SoCoHo holiday party.


January 2nd: SoCoHo decided to pay for babysitting at meetings.

February: SoCoHo adopted its initial operating agreement, which was signed by eleven members (seven households).

February 27th: Coordinating Committee formed.

March 21st: Benjamin was born.

April: SoCoHo signed a letter of intent with The CoHousing Company and Wonderland Hill Development Company outlining the development process and project finances.

April 23rd: The cost of a full membership reached $2,230.

May 20th: The site (design) programming workshop began at Sonoma State.

August: Rita and Larry dropped out.

September 15-17th: Our first retreat at Mountain Home Ranch.

September 30th: The common house (design) programming workshop at a school in Petaluma.

October 21st: We consensed on the final unit mix, increasing the number of residential units from 28 to 30, and decided not to build an elevator to the loft (B) units.

October 24th: We had 15 committed households.

October 28th: The residential (design) programming workshop at the Church of the Oaks in Cotati. We discussed closet doors at length.

November: We began using colored cards to communicate during business meetings.

November 21st: We had 21 committed households.

November 22nd: Tim proposed affordable housing.

November 28th: Terry R. dropped out.

December 3rd: Second annual holiday party (at Laurie-Ann's house in Penngrove), featuring a gift exchange circle.


January 24th: Plans submitted to the City for design review.

January 28th: SoCoHo adopted a wait-list policy.

January 31st: The social e-mail list was created.

February 22nd: The initial allocation of unit types was announced.

February 25th: Decided to raise ten percent additional equity from member volunteers.

March 8th: We learned that the City's inclusionary zoning ordinance required 30-year sale restrictions on five "affordable" units. Number of committed households limited to 25 until inclusionary zoning issues resolved.

March 18th: The Landscape Committee met for the first time.

April 4th: The Commercial Space Committee met for the first time.

June 15-17th: Second annual retreat at Mountain Home Ranch. The talent show featured harmonica-playing twins.

August 1st: Julie and Marguerite dropped out.

August 8th: The project passed preliminary design review. The City of Cotati granted a tentative tract map and issued a conditional use permit.

August 12th: Approved commercial space ownership plan.

September 9th: Approved final yard boundaries.

November: Resumed adding committed households. Pre-construction agreement signed with the general contractor (Midstate Construction).

December 15th: Holiday party at Laurie-Ann's house.

December 29th: Ange dropped out.

2002 - First Half

January 14th: The number of committed households reached 28.

January 25th: The operating agreement and project management agreement for the development entity (Ross Developments, LLC) were signed.

February 24th: Initial pet policy adopted by consensus.

March 2nd: Group workshop with Shari Leach, in Penngrove.

March 15th: Sochi was born.

April 2nd: Muriel-Joy was born.

April 15th: Land purchase closed.

April: We had 30 committed households.

June 2nd: Public groundbreaking celebration at the site. Ellen baked a cake modeled after the Common House.

June 7-9th: Third annual retreat at Westminster Woods in Occidental. At the outdoor talent show, the Cotatiettes sang "We are Family" and Marty taught us the Jellyfish Dance. Bess joined the waiting list.

June 30th: The last formal orientation for prospective members.

2002 - Second Half

July: Nine households on the waitlist.

July 13th: A contingent marched in the Kids' Day Parade (tropical theme).

July 24th: Laurie-Ann adopted Muriel-Joy.

July 30th: SoCoHo approved the final project budget, fixing the initial purchase prices for the homes.

August 6th: Miko was born.

August 10th: Group hike at Santa Margarita Park.

Mid-August: Bulldozers began rolling.

September 11th: First official construction site visit.

September 15th: Group outing to Johnson's Beach in Guerneville.

October 15th: Kathy and Ram dropped out.

October 26th: Stephen announced the initial allocation of carports.

November 2nd: Group workshop with Tree Bressen.

November 5th: Ralph and Cathy dropped out.

November: Framing began.

December 13th: Judy L. and Joel H. dropped out.

2003 - First Half

Late January: Roofs began appearing on the buildings. Jenna and Rob joined wait list.

February: Windows and siding appeared.

February 23rd: Initial meal system adopted.

March: Maya was born in Guatemala.

April 16th: The first contractor appreciation barbecue took place at the construction site.

April: Workshops held in Penngrove to create stained-glass address numbers for the residences.

April 24th: Scott and Lisa dropped out.

April 27th: Matt C. dropped out.

May 6th: The Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TALC) released its report on Bay Area Development, which named FrogSong the best development in Sonoma County.

May 22nd: Inclusionary Housing agreement with the City signed.

June: Fourth annual retreat, at Westminster Woods. We sealed the stained-glass address numbers at this retreat.

2003 - Second Half

July 15th: Homeowners association (HOA) incorporated.

August 7th: First systems walkthrough.

August 26th: Rachel and Marty announced that they were dropping out.

August 29th: The City approved the first eleven units for occupancy.

September 5th: Sale of first unit closed.

September 24th: Dining tables delivered to the Common House.

September 28th: First on-site business meeting. Eris facilitated in fairy costume.

September 30th: City approved the second phase units for occupancy.

October 9th: Sebastian hospitalized with aplastic anemia.

October 10th: The builders turned the Common House over to the residents (the date thereafter commemorated as Hearth Day.)

October 12th: The homeowners association (HOA) met for the first time, in the common house.

October 31st: City approved the last nine units for occupancy.

November 1st: Public grand opening celebration.

November 2nd: First planting day.

November 3rd: The commercial space LLC was formed.

November 13th: Naomi was born.

November: First official common meal.

November 29th: The last original resident (except Kallie) moved in.

December 1st: Jurrien was born.

December: SoCoHo dissolved.

December 19th: The commercial space purchase closed.

December 31st: A New Years Eve dance party so hot it melted Patrick's speakers.


January: Eli moved out.

February: Marcin sold his unit to Terri M. Duane and Colleen moved in.

March: Original clotheslines installed.

April 3rd: Harold Payne performed at the first common house concert.

June: Bike shed improvements completed.

July: Bought a BBQ for the patio. Naomi's adoption came through. The new name "FrogSong" was announced at a meeting. (Prior to this, the community had been known as "Cotati Cohousing" or "SoCoHo.")

August: Kallie returned from Guatemala with Maya. Work began on the cob sandbox.

August 28th: Hot Tub Committee met for the first time.

September 4th: Blueberry bushes from Green Valley Berry Farm transplanted to our site.

September 11th: Political fundraiser in the Common House.

October 1st: The commercial space became fully leased.

October 9th: Celebrated our first Hearth Day (Common House anniversary).

December 31st: Second annual New Year's Eve bash in the Common House. The theme was silver and white.


January 12th: The architecture won an award from the National Association of Home Builders for "Best Smart Growth Community Design" in a U.S. community under 150 units.

January 18th: Shelby moved in with Ursula.

January 22nd: Fundraiser for Asian tsunami relief.

February: Volunteers cleared out the room above the workshop (RAW) and transformed it into a meeting space.

April: Installed a wooden play structure in the tot lot and a photovoltaic (PV) system on the common house roof.

May 21st: On-site "retreat" including group process (with Isoke Femi) and a talent show in the Common House.

June: Susan moved in. The Ford-Newtons left on an extended vacation.

July 1st: Garlic harvesting party.

August: Karen M. and Sam moved in with Stephen. Tim converted the BBQ grill to natural gas.

August 23rd: Farewell ritual for Duane, Coleen, and Susan.

September: Matthew, Larkin, Sariya, and Eowyn moved in. Kyle moved in. Sterling moved in with Jasmine. FrogSong awarded special recognition by the "Build It Green" home tour.

September 24th: Kobe was born.

October: Terri P. became Treya. Mary joined FrogSong. Matt and Treya attended Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) conference at Findhorn.

October 10th: Hearth Day catered dinner in the Common House.

November: Bamboo flooring installed in the Room Above the Workshop (RAW).

November 7th: Orange "Sax Player" statue installed behind the Common House.

December: Mary moved out.

December 31st: Third annual New Year's Eve bash in the Common House. The theme was silver and white.


January: Tim and Heather repainted the Great Room of the Common House.

February 11th: The Common House Band made its debut.

February 12th: Will returned home with Victor and Edith.

April: Bess diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

April 27th: The parking lot got sealed and re-striped.

April 29th: The chickens moved into their coop.

April 30th: May Day celebration featuring drumming and a maypole.

June: Ellen's stained glass installed above the Common House fireplace. Sonoma State promoted Richard to full professor.

June 27th: Devin born.

June 28th: Judy, Ben, Corey, and Leah returned from long travels.

June 29th: Tina, Richard, and Sula departed for Sweden. Geof announces his resignation from KEMA.

June 30th: Matthew, Larkin, Sariya, and Eowyn moved out. Jenna and Rob brought Devin home.

July: Marcin, Kate, Stephanie, and Daya moved in. Katie moved in with Joel.

July 15th: A FrogSong contingent won a prize in the Kids' Day Parade (Wild West theme).

July 16th: Carport mural completed under Sterling's direction.

August: The chickens laid their first eggs. Elder Creek Landscape began filling the Riviera swale. Skyler moved in.

September 22nd: A weekend workshop on group vision and mission.

October 12th: The 8-Ball closed for five weeks.

November 13th: The Cafe closed its doors.

Who knows what the future will bring?

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