If We Can Find a Way
by Bob Flax, October 10, 2006

If we can find a way to listen to, respect, and gather all our dreams together, we’ll continue to create something wondrous, surprising, and an inspiration for all to see.

If we can find a way to seek out and dialog with those whom we disagree, we can breathe life into worlds beyond those we can discover alone, or with our like-minded friends.

If we can find a way to move past the discomfort of our differences, and learn how their life experiences and understandings led to the inner wisdom of their choices, we might drop our swords and create new connections here-to-for unimagined.

If we can find a way to catch ourselves the next time we think, “Oh, that’s just how they are,” we might open the door for them to be different, or to be seen beyond our frozen images.

And if we can find a way to do ALL these things and more, as circumstance, wellbeing, and our own conscious demands, we may stumble around like children in the dark…and occasionally be touched by the sacred.

If we can only find a way…